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Large Lilly bowl - Sand dune

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A soft and wavy bowl, a statement piece for any home, inspired by my wife Lilly.

Original designed as a light, the Lilly bowl was born from a happy mistake. Rolling out large sheets of clay to form plates, I dropped the clay onto a pillow (still making all our ceramics in our lounge at this point). The way it landed reminded me of a Lilly pad, floating in the water, the curves naturally fold and bend to form the most perfect shape. 

The bowl/platter is perfect as a centre piece for any home. Hand made in our Point Chev studio, each piece has subtle hand prints, a makers mark of sorts, each piece tells its own story.

Key Features:

  • Hand Sculptured and Formed: Every part of this piece is sculptured by hand. Starting with large balls of clay, each piece is hand rolled, bent and twisted to form into a very unique piece of art

  • Authors Special Blend of Clay: Made using a blend of Author clays mixed with sand from the West and East Coast

  • Water Tight: Glazed with a simple clear gaze and fired to 1220 degrees to ensure the bowl is food safe and finished with a nice gloss.

What are the sizes?

Every piece is hand made so sizing does vary slightly. Approx sizing below.

Large Lilly Bowl      40cm wide and 9cm tal